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Check out all the extra fun here at Broadway Grand Prix. Go play some rounds on our Challenge Mini Golf or test your climbing skills on our Rock Climbing Wall. All the fun things to do are here at Broadway Grand Prix.

Take the competition off the race course and onto the golf course! Featuring two challenging 18-hole mini golf courses and all new prize spinners, everyone will have a good time! Mini golf is included in your All you can ride armband!

Test your skill and strength on our three outdoor rock climbing walls. Varying in difficulty, be sure to challenge yourself. Close-toed shoes are required to climb and climbers must weigh between 40 and 250 pounds. NOT INCLUDED IN ARMBAND.

Bumper Cars

Bump into your friends on the Bumper Cars! The Bumper Cars are included in the all you can ride wrist band.
Height Requirements:

  • 60” and drivers license to drive with a passenger, 40-47” to ride
  • 48” to drive alone